Tinkerbell (original) - Peter Pan



The amount of times I have put Tink up and then took her off i think has become uncountable. But I've now promised Lozzie to be her Tinkerbell when she does her Peter Pan if its at an event I'm not fully booked costume wise ^_^

This will hopefully get my ass into gear into actually making Tink as I've always loved her and in my teen/late teen years Tinkerbell was my nickname, so its only right I cosplay her! ^_^

Lozzie is doing Peter at Kita but sadly i cant do tink then, so hopefully another time! ^_^

UPDATE: As I've done the wig and shoes, I've decided to move this into 'in progress' even though I have no idea when I'll actually debut this at an event. It will probably be mostly for Princess Enchantment UK for the time being and a costume that can be used IF I get to any events this year at hand, without resorting to a re wear XD!

UPDATE: Basically bought everything but MAY need to buy new wire if the stuff I have won't work hence the "so far" bit in the cost section.

DuskatNight posted on 31 December, 2011 - 22:46
I think you'll make a great Tink! You'll suit her well.

FuriePhoenix posted on 1 January, 2012 - 20:23
hehe thanks hun!

Pandora-Chi posted on 1 January, 2012 - 22:30
I cannot wait to see this ^^ you will make an adorable Tinkerbell!! Must take photos of you and Lozzie :D

Lozzie posted on 2 January, 2012 - 16:58
Yay!! Im sure i will wear Peter more than once! So we shall arrange something =D

FuriePhoenix posted on 2 January, 2012 - 19:49
yay! ^_^

lilkimmi27 posted on 3 January, 2012 - 20:36
Yay I think you will make a great Tinkerbell you have the attitude to pull it off :D

Teacup_Erinyes posted on 9 January, 2013 - 17:45
Yay, original Tink doesn't get enough love. Hopefully unlike Beki, you actually get around to wearing it. ^_^

CakeyKelso posted on 10 January, 2013 - 00:32
hey! i wore mine once! not my fault the wig you made me didn't fit... just saying.. but yeah i'm mega excite for this! would be great to see an original tinkerbell for once rather than one from the new movies....

FuriePhoenix posted on 10 January, 2013 - 17:50
hehe thankies gals!!! I agree- original Tink needs more love than the new movies tink!

Karakulz posted on 21 January, 2013 - 21:09
The Wig looks great! Can't wait to see this finished! :D

Starbucks dad posted on 31 January, 2013 - 21:28
Superb wig test - and so lucky with the fabric!

J-Po posted on 4 September, 2013 - 19:58
cute :)

Kitri du Lac posted on 19 May, 2015 - 01:46
Tink! This is lovely, and you have her mannerisms down!

Fabrics (velvet and polycotton)
Blue ribbon for hair
donut ring for hair
Organza fabric (9metres)
Wire for wings x3 packets to be safe
glitter glue x2 bottles
fray stopper
Fancy Fairy's TinkerBell wings

Total cost: £0.00

10th August 2013


So wings are now in UK customs, so not long now until they get to me! Yay! I'm so excited to get them! Haha! As for the dress, I just need to put some straps on to pull up the bustline hemline and that will stretch out the dress, giving it a nicer line than the pic shows. I'm also trying to decide whether to put the darting all the way down to the bottom or to leave it flowy like you see. Hmm decisions decisions. Will update again once the wings have arrived, and possibly added the straps etc. Unless I'm too eager to show off the wings, then there'll be two more updates lol!

30th June 2013

Wings update

So I finished my wings aaaaaaaaaaaaaages ago, but the day before I was meant to do a photoshoot as her, they snapped into parts off the harness. Soooooo to the scrap heap they went. So instead, I'm going to buy some from Fancy Fairy's website instead! Expensive, but will be worth it as I know I'll be wearing Tink a fair few times because I've always wanted to be Tink deep down XD!

14th May 2013


So the wire turned up this morning! I love when things turn up quickly. Anyway, I started work on the wings late this afternoon and got 95% of the wire work done for them. I've got the shape done and the vein work done on one wing- but my back started to really hurt from working on the floor (only decent space I've got) so I'm going to finish the wings as far as I can over the next couple of days. I need to buy some more wire to make the harness part at the bottom of the wings, but that can wait until next week. Picture shoes the two wings together before I did the vein work with thinner wire on one of them. The wire is 2mm thick even though it looks reaaaaaaaaally thin in the photo. It's actually quick thick in person, but once the fabric and detailing goes on, won't look clumpy either. I'm actually really happy with the way these wings are going and already pleased with how much lighter they are compared to my old Vidia wings. I'm just glad to being crafty again to be honest.

10th May 2013

More progress....finally

Well, sort of... My only update is that I finally got round to buying better wire to make the wings out of. Got 6metres of 2mm aluminium wire for £2.83 on ebay. Now to play the waiting game for it to arrive, before I can get moving with this ready for a photoshoot with friends on the 1st June.

24th March 2013


I started work on the wings, only to find the wire I have is far too flimsy and thin to use. So I'll have to go to hobbycraft once I'm paid and pick up some supplies such as thicker wire, glitter glue and fray check if possible. After all, I am working with organza! Though, I have drawn out the wing pattern for the main top part of the wings, just gotta do the same for the lower part of the wings so I can trace round it with the wire and make them. I saw a really good tutorial somewhere and decided to go down that route so I can make my wings flexible, but durable. As for the dress, with mom's help I have now managed to pull the entire dress apart and start again with the panels. It's now all sewn up together, zip put in and all ready to have the neckline put in (we wanted to focus on getting the panels sewn together and fitting me properly first) and do the pattern at the bottom. Oh, and possibly putting in the lining, though I think the way it's going the lining won't be going in. To be honest, with this velvet it won't be a great deal if the lining is missed out, but it would be nice if I could have it in- so we'll see.

15th March 2013


So I'm finally starting to continue with this. The dress is still at a stand still, but my mom is gonna be helping me with it so I don't get so stressed over it again. So that will hopefully be done over the next week during her time off. BUT!! I've been hunting around for fabric to make her wings, as I wanna destroy my Vidia ones haha! I want lighter weight ones for TinkerBell that won't need shoulder straps. It's something I've thought over for ages, ever since I wanted to cosplay her properly. So whilst briefly online this morning, I decided to compare prices on organza on ebay and found that I can get an entire roll (9metres worth!) of machined edge 40cm wide sheer voile organza for only £6.99!!!!!! So after looking through all the available colors and asking friends for their opinions, I went with the silver color. I decided that if the silver ends up a tad too dark in person, I can get the white or ice blue (which is crazy pale and would work for classic tink as well as Periwinkle!) and do a comparison, then probably sell on the silver organza roll by the metre or the entire roll. So yay I have fabric bought for her wings! I love making wings so looking forward to making these ones! I have an idea how to go about it, as a friend of mine really helped me how to make them into a harness that requires no shoulder straps. I just wanna get Tink done now as I can prance around as a fairy lol! Picture attached is the seller's photo of the fabric I bought.

4th February 2013

Progress 1

So I don't have a picture of the progress on the computer yet but it will happen when I get out my mannequin again. BUT there has been progress!!! What I've done so far: Whilst at my friend's house we managed between the two of us: - get the pattern cut out -get the lining all sewn up together -get the velvet cut out and pinned together. Okay, typing it out like that makes it seem like next to nothing, but with the amount pissing about we were doing that's a lot to have got done haha! All I have to do now is: -sew up the velvet -sew the lining to the velvet -chalk out the zig zag design at the bottom of the dress -hem that up -do the top shaping of the dress Then I'll have to make new wings and I'm done! I've actually enjoyed making this just for the sake of making it. I haven't felt pressured into getting it done which is nice!

31st January 2013


I was soooo darn lucky today in Bromley. The market was open and I was lucky enough to see on one of the new fabric stalls there that they had lie green fabrics and they were perfect for Tink!!!! I got crushed velvet which is the nice stuff for £2 a metre (I got two metres) and a really nice polycotton for the lining for £1.50 a metre!!! I wasn't expecting to be spending money on Tink but when I saw it, I couldn't say no as it was so cheap and good quality fabric! I'm going to my friend's tomorrow to stay the night and we're gonna make tink's dress then whilst i help her with her ariel mermaid tail and belle dress XP!

31st January 2013

Wig and make up test

I also did a wig and make up test yesterday whilst watching secret of the wings on netflix haha! My eye make up is really shimmery but my phone doesn't really capture it because it was on charge and I wasn't against any decent light. XD!!! I also didn't put on my shadow base before the eye shadow because I was running low and at the time didn't have a spare one. So I had to go without, even though when I do wear Tink I will of course put on shadow base first. My make up consists of: -Primer -concealer -foundation (liquid but the stay matte brand) -shimmery beige eye shadow -natural brown eyeshadow for depth in the creases of the eyelids -Eyeliner -Mascara -Red lipstick (name 'chilli' from Avon) -Shimmery blusher -Bronzer I decided to keep it very natural looking as she doesn't really wear make up apart form those killer pin up red lips! But I wanted to put on some so my eye color didn't vanish, also wanted my make up to shimmery as it's Tink and Pxie dust and stuff haha!

18th January 2013

wig done

So to distract me from the crappy snowy weather outside and the fact it's put a halt to my plans for the weekend and made me home bound, I styled my wig I already owned and turned it into my Tinkerbell wig. I gave it a hot water water wash and shampoo in the morning and let it dry for half of the day, letting it the last remaining curls to fall out naturally as it dried. Once dried I I pinned the wig to the wig head I have tightly and began styling the bangs first as they were the easiest to do. Because its an old wig, it meant styling the bangs to get volume into them was a lot easier than a brand new wig. Then I took a few wefts at a time all round the circumference of the wig and with a vent brush I pulled the layers of hair back and into my other hand (creating a ponytail) until the whole wig was in my hand, but not so tight it showed the wefts and the cap underneath. Then I pulled through all the hair into a donut ring hair bobble thingy and wrapped the hair up and over the hair bobble, until it was nice and thick and big. To keep the hair in place I bobby pinned it in place underneath so they don't show at all and then chopped the front sides shorter. The side bangs at the front do need some tidying up and thinning out, but I'd rather do that once I'm wearing it, so I know not to cut too much out/off. But yeah.. it took me about half hour if that in total and I'm pleased with the result. All that's needed now is the light blue hair ribbon!

9th January 2013

Plans changing

WIG: So... I decided I'm gona attempt to use a blonde wig I already have (my Princess Ai wig) as it's not really suitable to wear down at the moment as it needs a bit of TLC, so I thought I'd save the wig and turn it into a TinkerBell wig. I can get one of those donut ring bun thingies from Primark to make the bun in her hair. Just gotta find the wig and see if I can use it. Hopefully I'll be able to. As I love said wig for its multi-tonal blonde fibres in it. If I can't use it for Tink, then I'll invest in some really good wig conditioner and detangler and use it for Aurora when I get making her. DRESS: Gonna use the remaining dark green jersey lycra fabric I have laying around for the lining in this dress. Also, if I wear Tink in the winter/autumn months, it will be a good layer with my thermal top to keep me a bit warmer. I just gotta buy some light green velvet to make the actual dress out of at some point. SHOES: MADE! Did them this morning for something to do as I wanted to do something therapeutic and I find sewing just that. So I hand sewed the giant pompoms on my shoes that I've always had (bought them 3-4years ago for Tink) and half hour later, the pompoms were on and the shoes are made. WINGS: Originally I was going to use my Vidia wings, but I've decided to make lighter ones out of wire and organza instead so they slot into the back of the dress without being weighty or scratchy on my back. I love my vidia wings but they're bulky and the vein work is coming off etc. So I'm going to make new ones for Tink. Same height, just lighter materials. Then all that's left is getting some blue ribbon for the hair!

4th January 2012


dunno why im thinking of wigs but I got thinking... the base wig im thinking of for Rikku it hink would be great for Tink. So I'm thinking once I've done Rikku, I can use the wig for Tinkerbell by editing the hell out o it to save on money!

31st December 2011

wings and shoes

For Tink's wings I'll just use the ones I'll be making for Vidia (if they hold up lol) so that will save me money as I'm not doing what the parks do and put a coloured tint on the wings. Knowing I wanted to do Tinkerbell as well at some point, I figured leaving my Vidia wings plain and see through will make them useable for Tink. I have a pair of bright green shoes that I bought for a Tink cosplay about 3 years ago (thats how long I've been planning her!) I just got to add the fluffy ball thing on the ends of the shoes and they'll be done! ^_^ It's just making the actual dress and doing the wig!

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