Aya Brea (white Eider) - Parasite Eve: 3rd Birthday




Wasnt to keen on the 3rd game when i finally got to play it, was abit disappointed with parts of it and that SE pretty much overly sexed her up and made her a sex doll in a way (the whole clothes ripping and orgasmic sounds when she gets hit etc)and made her too young looking even if it does have to do with her mitochondria,considering shes almost 40, they didnt bother making her mature enough in my eyes, and was a billion times better in 1 and 2.
But being a huge fan of the series and admiring Aya's character growing up along with Jill from Resi, I still love her to bits and it was nice to see her come back after all these years.

This was a pretty easy outfit, except i need to redo the top when i next do it again, wasnt too happy the first time round, and really wanna lose weight before i attempt it again since she has that really slim anime type/model physique that I do not, so i was a lil upset i couldnt pull her off that time round, but im hoping I'll look better next time round.


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