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I wasn't going to upload this yet but I couldn't resist!!! When I was a kid I was obsessed with Pokemon xD So much so that my brother and his gf painted a battle scene on my bedroom walls. I had duvet's and curtains and pillows and teddies of pokemon. Even now although the battle scene has been painted over if you open the cupboard in my old bedroom you'll find a zubat inside xD

I always loved Team Rocket but recently I decided to rewatch Pokemon from the very beginnging and I'm IN love with them and I'm a huge Rocketshipper! <3 Jessie and James were meant to be ;D

I love being the bad guy with a heart and all the crazy faces she makes makes her a fun character I really want to do :D

I was going to buy the outfit and mainly focus on the wig but I decided to try and make the outfit as well! Fingers crossed! The wig will deffo be a challenge but I think I have a good idea on how to do it. Once this ones out the way I can tell Jessie will be another of my favourite characters XD She's now a dream cosplay! ♥

Obviously I'm not going to do this until I have the stomach and legs to pull this off but I'm hoping with my new diet that I'll succeed. And if I'm lucky I'll be wearing Jessie at LFCC OR I'll freeze my ass off at October expo. I do need to find me a James though! ♥ :D Awww. And I have a huge Meowth teddy that can be our furry companion xD

I think I've rambled on enough now! EEEP!


Phee posted on 29 December, 2011 - 21:35
corr that wig is gonna be a toughie, but it'll look amazing on you for sure.

Pandora-Chi posted on 29 December, 2011 - 21:58
OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! Yes please!!! It's so great to revistit childhood shows and Pokemon was one of my crazy obsessions!! :D I cannot wait to see this!! Love Jessie and you will look amazing!!! Ah, feeling all nostalgic again :D

SlimDefinition posted on 29 December, 2011 - 23:32
I've seen so many put such little effort into getting these guys to look good, but with your dedication, you will look fantastic! I've only ever seen the first series, but Team Rocket always made me laugh.

BabemRoze posted on 29 December, 2011 - 23:44
Thank you guys! I really want to be the best Jessie I can be! XD I know the wig is gonna give me grief but if I fail I'll just keep trying :D Thank you all! I hope to do you proud!! xx

FuriePhoenix posted on 30 December, 2011 - 19:33
this will look great and you'll pull Jessie's attitude perfectly! Good luck with the wig especially!

lilkimmi27 posted on 3 January, 2012 - 19:39
This will be epic I cant wait to see the wig :)

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