Crow - Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon


Amecon 2012




Ever since I saw the initial art for Fragile, I fell in love with the game. When I finally got it, I really liked Seto's design, but his costume is very turquiose, and i wasn't sure if it would suit me. Then I saw Crow and found him adoably sinister. I really like his costume. I didn't know how to do it till now because I only recently reaslised it was dungarees he was wearing. I was thinking it was some wierd more complicated thing.

I already have the corect material. I picked some up a coupple of years back for a different costume that never made it off the ground, so I thought I would use it.

Most of the costume I think I should be okay with. I have found some dungaree patterns that I can use. I just need to order them. The main problem is going to be the coat. I could paint it, but that would be alot of paint and will look cheap. really I want to applique it, but I have never appliqued before. However I want to learn for a future costume, so this might be a good place to start.


KC-HOME posted on 13 August, 2012 - 20:22
awww !!! Fragile Dreams cosplay !!! much love ♥ :DDDDDDD this is awesome!!!!!!!!

Emzone posted on 28 March, 2014 - 19:47
This game does not get enough recognition :'C Amazing Crow costume <3<3

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Progress Journal

2nd August 2012

not entirely happy

I had originally intended to applique the coat, but decided it would be to difficult. Painting it was no easier.

trying to make neat circular shapes is difficult with masking tape,and the ammount of paint i have gone through. It's suppose to be painted on the inside and out, but i can't afford to do the inside aswell. I was hoping that more of the paint would seep through so I wouldn't have to, but that didn't happen.

I'm not happy with the end result so i'm probably gonna end up remaking it when I have the time. My sister sugested I knit the coat instead, but I have never tried to do that so it might take time to learn.

19th July 2012


painting this coat is a nightmare. I used masking tape fo keep in neat, but that hasn't worked. I think I need to start again, but I don't have time right now since it's about 22 days till Ame.
I will just try to finish it and then I will make another when I get back. It's gonna look crapy for now, but I don't have the time to fix it right now.

7th May 2012

Scarf done

I finally got round to making the scarf and finishing the overalls. Now i just need to add the crow head to it. It's a two toned scarf, although it's not that noticable in the photo.

then I can get the coat started. I might actually get it finished in time

25th February 2012

Overalls 2

Overalls all cut out. At the moment the shorts are pinned to the bib, but I will finish sewing that tomorrow.

I realised something about the jacket, which I really should have done a long time ago. If I am to applique it. I have to applique on both sides. I only just thought that the colour is on the inside and the outside. This might make it a little bit more difficult as it means I have to match it up perfectly on both sides, but if I measure it out before hand, it should be ok.

Once I have finished sewing the Overalls i'm moving on to the jacket

22nd February 2012


well my pattern arrived a while back, but since I have been working everyday for a while, I havent had time to actually look at it. It's not actually as complex as I thought it would be. thinking about it, I probably could've just got one of the trouser patterns I already have and the top to a dress pattern, but nevermind. Atleast this way I have instructions to go back to if I go wrong.

So far I have cut everything out,but I have only made the bib. I was worried that I had cut the pattern out too small, but I am having difficulty keeping it up at the minute. I had to take it in quite a bit and I still think it's a bit too loose. I know that overalls are supose to be slightly lose and once I get the straps in place properly it should be fine.

I would take a photo to show progress, but at the minute with no hemming and the straps not being properly attached it looks a mess. So i'll leave it until it's a bit more refined. I'll do more when I next get a day off from work.

31st December 2011

hat 1

Started to make the hat. I used the same pattern that I am using for my Vino hat, and attached it to a novalty police hat. I could spend the time making the frame, and ading the black to the hat with the firm peak. but why do all that and it look cruddy, when I can just sew over a police hat with all the frame and peak already attached. It's gave it a much better finish.

Just got to finish sewing it and attach the embelem.