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29th December 2011

Return to making

I started this costume at the earlier stages of the year, but uni got in the way and I never got around to completing it... (code for getting distracted by other cosplays >.<)

I got as far as making the skirt, and suprisingly, it wasnt that hard to do given that it was the section I was most terrified of. Now it's just the princess seams in the bodice!

I have all of the materials at the ready and I have a good enough petticoat to put underneath, though I need to relocate the headphones which are a similar shape, they just need to be painted yellow rather than a girly pink.

I'm looking forward to this, as I dont feel that this costume gets enough love and attention. I'll put up an image of my progress later.

I've got a tonne of this fabric, so if this turns out well I might consider making a second version for someone else if they so wish it.