Auron - Final Fantasy X


Hrmmmm so another in progress cosplay. This is nowere near complete... it was worn for may mcm 2011 and for may IT SUCKED wig sucked i was lazy no shoes on costume didnt sit correct... blah blah blah... since may the wigs better and ive learned how to make it sit better.. so i would say this costume is like 90% complete... im planning on bringing this baby out sometime in 2012 hopefully.

Anyways thats it really


So this costume is less fail now it has alot of its parts remade all i need to make it a complete cosplay is some little details i missed in this photo then hopefully a photoshoot to get some worthy photos


Manticore Arts posted on 2 June, 2012 - 00:31
Loving the upgrade ^_^

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