Nymphadora Tonks (at the station) - Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix



I wanna do the outfit she wears at the station when she and Mad eye take Harry to the Hogwarts express, cause its awesome ^_^, I have however decided to wear jeans instead of a skirt as its a) easier and b) i have loads of jeans!

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Necklace materials

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8th April 2012

Finished Necklace (finally!!)

It has taken me ages but I have finally finished the necklace I will be wearing for my costume. The bells have been sewn on and I have used a press stud to connect the necklace together. (I now hate press-studs, they are really hard to get together!!) I've put photos up in my photo pannel of the finished necklace.

4th January 2012

Necklace beginning

Managed to find some ribbon for my necklace and have begun sewing it together as it was too wide. All I need now is to finish sewing the ribbon and then sew on the bells, shouldn't be that hard! I have also managed to get my cardigan, so just my skirt, wig and wand to go. Hopefully I should be able to get my wand from a trip that I am going on in April, to the Harry Potter Studio's tour (^_^) very happy about that!!

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