Near - Death Note





So far, the wig is bought, trousers have been found and a shirt has been bought (thankfully, it can be the same shirt that I'm using for my Reno costume) so... all I need is to style the wig and sort out make-up and make myself skinnier than my size UK16 self. Could be amusing.

I'm wearing this to Halloween this year to road-test it for events next year. Thinking of making a Death Note book to make it super-obvious what it's from for those that aren't educated in the way of anime, which includes myself to some extent.

Trying to convince Harrison (counterpart man/boy/bug thing) to come as L if he can get a wig. Should be amusing.

[Update 29/10] The white wig that I bought is lost. Tears were shed. Have secured another wig to arrive with the Harrison on Friday so all SHOULD be good. Fingers crossed that I can style it Near-style in an hour or so. Shouldn't be rocket science as it's not too difficult style-wise but MEEP!

[Update 31/10] Well... it's been worn. It was vaguely comfortable and I may do it again if I can get the wig to work a little better. I ended up using a cheap Smiffys wig which wasn't ideal for styling but at least I didn't have the usual Barbie locks! For my first cosplay-type-thing, I think it went well. I just need to get some photos done at some point to finish this off properly.


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