Robot 502/Professor Hayase - Gintama





After we finished watching the Fuyou arc in Gintama, Frazzy and I realised we more or less had the Evil Robot's outfits totally closeted... Which led to me convincing her to cosplay them with me for Expo.

Nothing at all was really needed for this cosplay apart from the headset, which was made by Frazzy. All I had to do for her was make an apron out of some scrap material I had and a bow; which between two costumes wasn't a lot at all.

Photo's of this should be coming soon, once we find a suitably industrial-type area to get 'em in! Also depending on whether I cosplay Sakamoto sometime in the future (god, here I go again) he and 502 have scarily similar coats; so I might borrow it for photo's~


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