Lenne - Final Fantasy X-2




Ive always loved this outfit since the day i had cast eyes upon it, its so gorgeous (im inlove with half the outfits in the FF series) and ive always wanted to cosplay a few of my fave FF characters.
I was originally gonna do Yuna, but wanted to do lenne instead cus i prefer her long locks to Yuna's flicked short hair do.

Hoping to do this for kita on the friday, but if not I'll just do it for May expo cus it'll be nice weather :)

Managed to finish it for kita but hardly got to get any pics in it.meh.


Leonie Heartilly posted on 16 January, 2012 - 00:21
*sings 1000 words* Perfect outfit for a Kita party =)

RevolverKitty posted on 17 January, 2012 - 00:10
Heh yea i was gonna wear it either friday day or saturday night, ive always wanted to sing that on the stage but id just break out in a sweat and collapse from nerves lol so i'll just be prancing a round randomly singing it lol

Zelvyne posted on 1 February, 2012 - 22:10
Really looking forward to seeing this ^_^ Love the fabric you got for it btw - so preeetty

RevolverKitty posted on 1 February, 2012 - 22:56
Thank you hun :) I just hope i make the top well, thats the part im stuck on thats put me on complete hold ^^; those blasted frills *shakes fist* lol

Zelvyne posted on 1 February, 2012 - 23:23
I don't remember the terminology, but for the frills you can make them nice and even by getting the frill fabric and doing a very very loose hand stich along the side where it'll join the top. Then use the ends of this stitch and pull so the fabric frills up and you can get it to the right length - then pin it to your top and sew it on, removing the loose stich afterwards. I hope that makes sense ^_^' And sorry if that's not what was giving you trouble, lol ^_^'

RevolverKitty posted on 1 February, 2012 - 23:35
:) thanks hun, i kinda knew how to do it a lil bit (tested it out on some fabric yesterday) But I'll try add what you suggested as well, thanks hun :) its the colour im having trouble with, so confused O_o...I saw some bluish purple fabric the other day, gonna have to use it as a last option if i cant find blue-ish grey of some sort.

Leonie Heartilly posted on 1 February, 2012 - 23:49
Ah I had to do that for my CHAM dress, it's called ruching =)

Nomes posted on 1 February, 2012 - 23:55
Yey! A Lenne a Kitacon! We've got an R and P and possibly a Y for the Saturday if you'll be wearing her that day.

RevolverKitty posted on 2 February, 2012 - 00:09
Leo- YES That's its :D thank you hun! My mum said the name the other day but i completely forgot ^^; so I just kept calling it "frilly frills" or "crunched up frills", mum and other people usually got what i meant when i said that and described it so i was happy for that XD. Nomes - heh thanks for the heads up, I'm mainly wearing her friday and saturday night though (the party) ^^; but I'll see! :)

Alinthia posted on 3 March, 2012 - 19:11
I think I'm wearing Tifa on Friday so we must get pictures! You'll look amazing :D

RevolverKitty posted on 6 March, 2012 - 00:38
Aww, thank you hun *hug* and sure definitely :)

Zelvyne posted on 24 April, 2012 - 19:37
Shame I never saw this at Kita =[ Would've loved to get some piccies with my Yuna ^__^

RevolverKitty posted on 24 April, 2012 - 19:41
Heh unfortunately we both wore our ff10-2 outfits at different times of the day ^^; ah well, always next time :)

Nomes posted on 24 April, 2012 - 20:24
My dearest Lenne. I saw you once in the distance at Kita but alas I was already Ashelin by then. You looked smoking though.

RevolverKitty posted on 13 May, 2012 - 00:43
wow, thank you very much, your Paine was great to :)

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Progress Journal

21st February 2012

top progress

Finished the skirt a while back (bout a month ago)and so far the top is pissing me off (ive never made a full outfit from scratch before, so i keep failing and coming to a halt -_-) The white ruffle bits have been a pain a lil cus of the fabric a i ended up getting, but it'll have to do till i can remake it some time in the future, and unfortunately for me i couldnt get any stretchy blue fabric close enough to the colour i needed, so i just went for the same fabric i bought for Fang's sari.
Just need to buy the material for the side skirt on the top now after this is all completed.

1st February 2012


Finished making the skirt the other day but not completely 100% happy with it, then again its my first time making a pleated skirt so looking at it, it came out kinda good for a first timer :)

19th January 2012


Bought some lovely nice blue fabric the other day to get things started, hoping to start it this week, but been so busy lately that all my cosplays are on hold, so with what little time i have ive just been searching for the right fabric at reasonable prices. I was hoping to find stretchy fabric but they never had it, so i went for this one instead, now i just need to figure out how to cut out the patterns since its my very first time making a top from scratch

15th January 2012

wig ordered

wig ordered, now just need to start making the top with the material i bought yesterday.