Nanoha Takamachi (Office Uniform) - Magical Record Lyrical Nanoha Force

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I can never stop SPAMMING Nanoha cosplays!!!

To keep up with my tradition of at least one Nanoha cosplays a year, I've decided to go for one of the office uniforms. There are so many characters with office uniforms from the series, but I ended up going for Nanoha again! The reason is because Nanoha's office uniforn is my most favourite and I have already got a suitable wig which will save on money. Despite Fate being my most favourite character, her uniform is just too plain black, Hayate's and Reinforce's uniform is just too plain blue and don't get me started on the other characters who are not as appealing as the original characters in the 1st season and A's. Besides, Nanoha was always the character who suits me the most, so pretty much of an excuse.

Since my friend is buying this cosplay as a Christmas and birthday present for me, this cosplay will debut more sooner then expected. I already have the wig and long white socks, so it will be a matter of buying/modifying trainers.
Also, both Nanoha office uniforms in StrikerS and Force are exactly the same, the only difference is the prop and Nanoha is older in Force. I was originally going for the StrikerS version, but since I already made the Strike Cannon to go with my Nanoha Force cosplay back at AyaCon 2011, I thought it will look more awesome for my prop to re-debut again. To be honest, I don't have the potential to make Raising Heart prop unless I finish making StrikerS version of Nanoha which might be in over a years time, so this has come to a decision to be Force version and besides, Nanoha is the same age as me in Force... well, I'm slightly older then her now.

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5th February 2012

Sneak peak.

Just a quick photo for a sneak peak, hence I did not apply make up nor put enough hair grips to fit my hair underneath the wig, but you get the jist of it. (just realised I forgot to add the blue bit on the top)

My friend brought this costume for my Xmas/birthday and suprisingly it came just in time for my birthday. The only thing which I'm not too happy about this cosplay is that I wish the blouse is a little bit more longer.... ah well, that is something which I can;t change. Also, if I have time, I will make minor adjustments to the costume such as changing the belt, tie and silver bits on the shoulders for more accuarcy. Also, I need to buy and modify shoes.