Gaara - Naruto Shippuden


Wow so old costume Here i still love cosplaying it tho.. ok so like jiraiya i orignally bought this costume of ebay....but it sucked so i remade it a while ago I think its ok. The costume was just made out of polycotton and cotton.. the shoes are not hand made. emmm the wig is a punk rocker wig from ebay.... i think thats it Right so i do have a gourd but only when i had a fail wig and its sooooo big that i couldnt take it to the good shoot we did. but ill put the fail pic up to show you my darling gourd... i think thats it for this cosplay... oh except i never actually shaved my eyebrows for this cosplay i just made them red but i may hide them using a method my freind used and do a proper shoot with the gourd... so more to come from gaara

cosplayinghats posted on 23 February, 2012 - 21:43
Huge Sand Sibling props for the win~ That gourd must've been really heavy ._. This is a great Gaara costume and that's the most accurate prop for him that I've ever seen!

Shoot Without Eyebrows And Gourd

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