Cid Raines (Cie'th Form) - Final Fantasy XIII


Well i think this has to be one of my most intense cosplays i have done mainly due to all the crafting and time it involved

So im not gonna say much cause half of the cosplay is obviously my normal cid cosplay. so straight away the wig did not go as planned.... at all it was meant to be a more subtle blue. anyways so i hate the wig and i will re do it.

The shirt was ok bit of a rush job that needs upadating but it was just a bit of white material with ink splatterd across it. NOW THE BIG THING the claw... right best thing i have ever made the rest of the cosplay dosnt do it justice. so the claw is beautifull to me. it was made out of craft foam sculpted then coverd in paper mache.... THEN COVERD IN CRYSTAL BATH FILLER ABOUT 40 tubes to be correct. it cost a bomb shell but it was worth it...

although i say this cosplay is complete it will be updated soon to do my claw justice

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Remake Wig And Chest

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