Badou (Boiler suit) - DOGS Bullets and Carnage


So this is a simple yet epic cosplay for me.. i truely love badou hes a complete and utter spazz but i love him hes just like me.

So the costume cost so much cause... well its cosplay

so it was dead easy to do this cosplay it cost me 40 pounds for 2 Ak47 battery powerd waterpistols which were painted black... that was epic the boiler suit was 100% cotton white and bought from game set and match then dyed using 2 different dyes complicated huh... the wig... im never telling who this wig was originaly meant for so awsome tho perfect colour... the rest was just made using materials around the house..

btw i dont promote smoking just saying that is a real cigi but i was meant to have a battery one but hey

so as i said easy cosplay but i truly love it so

Anonymous posted on 24 December, 2011 - 15:51
aah, don't see a lot of DOGS cosplay~ Really like your Badou =3 it looks really great.

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