Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca (Battle) - Final Fantasy XII





Someone shoot me now before making this costume will!
I still want to tackle the wedding dress first because it's insane and gorgeous. I think the wedding dress will be harder than the battle outfit so I'm sort of hoping this will be a bit more relaxing to make. Who am I kidding, I'm going to moan just as hard.

I love armour making but suck at it, I guess spamming FFXII cosplays will be good practise!?!?

Not gonna lie, I use to really hate this game because of the battle system, but then years later I gave it a second chance and I'm hooked... I haven't quite finished it yet though, please don't kill me! (Or spoil!)

I'm thinking of experimenting with horrible lame trim. I'm unsure though, I might just chicken out and use satin trim instead LOL. Lame sounds like the most evil fabric in the world... I only need it in the smallest amounts mind you, for the leg cuff trim thingymajig, I wouldn't ever dream of using lame otherwise XD (I like to learn new techniques!)

I do honestly wonder what possesses me to even dream about being able to make these kinds of costumes...
This will probably be done in the very distant future, the wedding dress will kill me off enough. I predict I will want a break after making the wedding dress before tackling her battle outfit!


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