Kairi (School Uniform) - Kingdom Hearts II

Worn AtKitacon IV (2012)




"Thinking of you... wherever you are..."

Kingdom Hearts has been one of my favourite game series' since I first picked up KH1 and secretly played it on my sisters PS2. Its so close to my heart and Ive always wanted to cosplay from it. So hello, Kairi XD

This outfit is super-cute, so hopefully I'll be able to do it justice! Good, simple summer-y cosplay, I hope!


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Progress Journal

Skirt Finished (Posted 9th April 2012)

Finished the skirt (with a lot of help from mother), so its all complete!

Shoes n Socks (Posted 30th March 2012)

Bought some today, at long last... Woo XD

Tie Made (Posted 8th January 2012)

Finished the tie! Very pleased with how it turned out. Ive also interfaced the pieces for the skirt waistband, and gotten a zip for the skirt, so its all ready to be put together as soon as Im reunited with my sewing machine in a weeks time XD

Wig Arrived! (Posted 4th January 2012)

... Yaywig! Its a bit longer than I had expected but the colour is nice. Matches the cover artwork more than the in-game colour (which is more brown) but I think I like the red better anyway.

Pattern Pieces Cut (Posted 1st January 2012)

The material for the skirt and tie arrived!! I dont have my sewing machine with me at the moment, so all I can do at the moment is cut out the pattern pieces ready to be sewn. S'all set to go! xD

Wig + Material Ordered (Posted 22nd December 2011)

Ordered a wig, and some material for the skirt and tie. And now we wait! XD