Misa Amane (Formal) - Death Note




A formal version of Misa in a wine red, halter-neck dress without her eyes (I'll be cosplaying Umbreon the same day and I'll need to have taken them out) and black wedge shoes. Brown wig (with fringe), styled.

Dress came from Hong Kong, China - tried it on and not only did it fit, it looked WOW. I originally was going to use it to do a formal Tifa from FF7 but due to unforseen wig problems - I changed it to Misa~ Movie Misa~ With brown hair.

Originally, I wasn't going to cosplay for the Kita Prom but when I realised I was going to be spending ALL day in and around Kitacon - with my hair in a wig cap - I re-thought my non-cosplay idea ;)

And thus, formal Misa was born.


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