Rena Ryuugu (After-school wear) - Higurashi no Naku Koro ni




Rena has always been one of my favourite characters. So when Pip said that he wanted to use my Edward Elric costume for October (I was planning to re-use it) I already knew who I wanted to cosplay instead.

The dress was the most annoying thing to find, ever. We spent about two hours on eBay, going through white dress after white dress, and nothing looked right - but then we found the one, a cheap button-up white dress costing £8! We cut off the collar and sewed the bows on, but otherwise it was perfect.

My next-door-neighbour, bless her, sewed the bows and also made a hat for me. It was amazing. Thank you, Jean!

The boots were ones we bought at New Look (I think?) for a fiver. I was going to re-use the boots I wore for my Mikuru Asahina costume, but the heel is falling off of them now and they're pretty beat. The ones I got are practically perfect anyway, so I feel lucky that we found them.

I'll upload pictures as soon as I get a decent camera lead!!


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