Noise Marie (Exorcist Uniform I) - D.Gray-man


AmeCon 2008

sewing things on to the wrong side without fail!




D.Gray-Man Awesome! last year silver-vixi did D.gray-Man and there was a grave gathering and it was awesome! so vix beign vix was like "come join us!" so i thought oke, im up to date with the manga this should be awesome!

at first me and my friend were going to do the evil twins whose names i can never remember properly, however this would have required me to make two costumes so it ended up being abandond. So instead i went for Noise Marie! his costumes looked simple enough when i was reading the manga!


everytime i looked at the manga for my references i just kept finding more detail which just lead me deeper and deeper into sewing dispear..
oke i thought, I can do this! so i set to work and managed to create the basic coat with the white stripe in the middle, the weird white panel at the back, the weird shoulder lapels and other weird things that just kept cropping up!
and than came the collar incedent, its a rather long story but to cut it short i got pissed at my aunt and my mother got pissed with me.

so yeah! finally a collar, the night before the convention.... b|_|gg3r.
so there i was sewing white ribbon onto the collar like a mad woman and than attaching sleeves and just leaving out the detail on the sleeves because God D4mn it i was going to get this costume finished!
which i did finally after much more swearing and crying and panicking.

i was happy with the result and extremely happy that i did not have to buy anything other than the cross and the buttons (the buttons sadly did not arrive in time for the con so will be sewn on at a later date if the costume is ever reworn)

i was extremely amused that to make myself look more like a man i ended up using a corset to actually flatten myself down sufficiently to make the costume sit right. i than also ended up wearing platform boots not only because they were the only thing similar to his boots but also because hes so damned tall!

i really like this costume but it still needs a bit of work so one day i might complete it fully!

I was looking at the pictures and just realised.... i sewed the cross to the wrong side of the costume..... extreme **insert appropriate word here**

well we live and learn eh?


Well one year later and I finally completed the costume!
For Aya09 I flipped the costume back to the way it was supposed to be, finished the cuffs and sewed on the buttons which didnt arrive in time for last year.

it was a fun costume to wear, however I'm now going to retire it and probably start making the new uniform!! XD


Berserk667 posted on 29 October, 2008 - 18:08
U are the first Marie ciosplayer I have seen. Looking good there mate :)