Big Sister (Action Figure) - Bioshock 2





I'be been in a proper funk inspiration wise since I made my Mk 1 Big Sister, and just havnt been able to find anything I can really sink my teeth into since..

So the obvious remedy for this is to remake my Big Sister suit, BUT BETTER.

Ive been looking at the action figure design, and Im liking the extra detail on it. Hopefully Ill be wireing up my own LED's and stuff, so I can make all the Adam and Eve tubes super glowey and awesome.

Ive done most of this before, so how hard can it be?


Definate changes Ill be making from the original:

Breathing would be nice. Not sure how this will be achieved. Maybe some vents or something.


Leather stuff instead of just fabricy fabric. Probably a corset or something.

Different shoes, so I can be TALL.


Better harness thing, so its at least more accurate. Even though I like the original harness. I might use that one for something steampunky.

Actually latexing and sealing the plastazote. Didnt bother last time cuz I was cheap and poor. It held out most of the weekend, but looked a little sad by the time I got it home.

Something other than hose pipe for the cage, since It kept going all floppy :(

AAAANNDDD Ill add more as I think of them :D


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