Baiken (Normal) - Guilty Gear


AmeCon 2008

my own personal award for not falling out of this costume! wai!




Basically my friend got given the Guilty Gear game by a mutual friend of ours and of course it being a button masher we all had to have a go, which ended up my friend who is the button mashing queen defeated dizzy when we all failed miserably. so yes I really liked baiken... mainly for the Pink hair so i said to my friend it would be fun cosplaying her... and here i am!

silver-vixi being the dear that she is and being able to work from patterns made the basic white kimono for me at which point term ended and we all went home for the summer and because the costume exposed so much i decided to finish the rest myself. yeah. that was fun.

lots of half finished and rather panicked aplique, followed by sewing details to the wrong side of the kimono, figuring out how to make some of the more random details work, making the black thing to go over the white kimono followed by much swearing at the sewing machine, the laptop, the image of baiken on the laptop and of course at ebay for the many random things.

in the end i somehow managed to make a succesfull costume!

The scar was made with liquid latex layered on and left to dry before adding another layer, this was awesome and lasted all day untill i finally removed it at the end of the day.

I also wore contacts as I dont like having one eyelid shut that and the thought of putting liquid latex there was not something i wanted to do.
So I brough one white contact and one pink one. I wanted to get a complete white out contact however I had already gone over budget for this costume so decided against it.

Also to save my dignity and to completely disregard my friends advice of Tit-taping myself into this costume I used a Bikini top to keep myself in place and to have as little at the front as possilbe.

I had origionally wanted to do this costume I bit more covered up however I instead made a deal with my friend vixi who was cosplaying Jam that I would only wear the costume properly if she did. so she had her micro skirt (which had to be held down to save her dignity when we went outside) for Jam and there I was praying to all gods that I didnt fall out of this costume.


This costume was kept in place using many pins and electrical tape, this shall be remedied if it is ever re-worn.... > <;;;;


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