Tsunade - Naruto


AmeCon 2008




My friend silver-vixi said she was going to do a naruto cosplay, so i thoughtit would be cool to do a naruto cosplay as well. and well im not really a huge naruto fan, having only seen to just past the chunin exam, so i was kind of down on the characters that i knew. I thought of doing Shizune due to the probably ease of her costume however i had just brought a rediculously long roll of white and decided to do Tsunade instead. (odd logic i know but there was a lot of spare fabric!)

I used a Kimono pattern for both the white top and the green jacket as they seemed simple enough to understand. the black band i did try and make so that it was elasticated at the back however I didnt like the look of this and went with a 2 meter long band that i had to wrap around me furiously and than pin shut, actually a lot of this costume ended up being pinned shut eh... ^^;;
I than got lazy and just cropped an old pair of black trousers.

the costume making wasnt actually that difficult however the sewing machine decided it was not my friend so it took longer than it should have. that and sewing sleeves onto things is just not my forte > <;;

finding the right shoes and wig was not quite a nightmare but it took me while to find the right ones. other things brought were the necklace and the patch which really jacked up the price.

I also had to invest in a new bra and an underbust corset to boost my cleavage to something nearing Tsunades ^^;;

this costume was fun to do however i think i need to sew the kimono top shut...


For all those wondering how I did not fall out of my costume, the answer is simple:

A good Bra, Constant checking and some Good friends.

Next time I wear this though I'm buying Tit-tape because your all making me paranoid!


Manjou posted on 29 October, 2008 - 00:48
When my girlfriend and i first saw this costume, we took some time trying to figure out how you weren't 'falling out of it' ^^; It was an awesome cosplay though :D

kilik_hiwatari posted on 9 November, 2008 - 14:49
I'd love to know how you weren't falling out of it too, since I plan to cosplay her soon. Awesome cosplay! XD it's a shame I didn't get to see it in person when i was there.

sherbetsprite posted on 14 May, 2009 - 19:32
Hey, weldone!!