Gakupo Kamui (Imitation Black) - Vanan'ice




Because Vana'n Ice are amazing and I love them just a bit too much XD Gonna be doing this before Loveless because of time and money.

Have wanted to do this costume for quite a while now but ended up doing Setsugetsuka first. Hopefully sould be comfy and not hard to make. Will be joined by the wonderful LimeGreenJelly as Len and KirisakiMax as Kaito.

Being made for me by the wonderful LimeGreenJelly. I will be making her Len dress in return. We decided to mix it up to get in some practice of making costumes to different measurements.


Limegreenjelly posted on 18 December, 2011 - 19:06
MORE COSPLAYZ VANANICE YAY! Fun timez to have ^^

Pandora-Chi posted on 19 December, 2011 - 16:02
Yay imitation black!! :D I adore this dress and it'll suit you so well lovely xx

Ayame posted on 3 January, 2012 - 23:29
Fun times to be had indeed :D Gots to love Imitation Black <3

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Progress Journal

13th March 2012

Fabric shopping etc.

We went fabric shopping yesterday. I now own rediculous amounts of black satin to start on LimeGreenJelly's dress. I will be starting on it ASAP. She will be starting on my suit after she gets a sample of the fabric ^_^