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I plan on making my own version of a Persocom chobit!
I'll be using ears like Chii (see picture)

I already own a plain white summer dress which is quite flowing, I then plan on buying or making a petticoat underskirt to bring out the shape whichll be a bit longer than the dress and will add to the look.

Depending on my hair colour at the time the petticoat will probably be that colour (its usually red) ... i'd also add a ribbon around my waist tying as a huge bow at my back which is a slight twist on one of chiis costumes again.

Then i'll add accessories, hairbands..... nice shoes... braclets.... maybe some lace gloves.
So yes, i've got a couple of months to do this... not to sure where i'll wear it yet but i'll list london expo which gives me to may to get rid of my flabby arms!!! haha =]

If anybody has ideas on colours that might work nicley with a plain white dress feel free to send me a message =] x


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Progress Journal

21st December 2011

Done so far

- I found the white dress through mountains of clothes! =]
- I've found some netting material for my petticoat
- and one of my friends gave me the Ann Summers BOW, which i'll add wire too to make it stay inshape!