Lightning "Eclair" Farron - Final Fantasy XIII




At first I was quite sceptical when I first saw Lightning's design, so to me she instantly was a female Cloud Strife, so I was quite upset about her development in a way, but a friend and my other half urged me to give the game a chance, which I was quite surprised I enjoyed every second of it and instantly fell in love with Lightning's character, she's strong, determined and even though the hard struggle and heart break she's dealing with of losing her sister, she still plods on till the very end never letting her pain break her down. In the end she became a character I strongly admired a lot.

Wore it to Kita4, with my lovely otherhalf as my Snow Villiers.
The outfit was a mixture of bought items and modified clothing with some other parts made from scratch. And her over coat and wig was bought for me as a birthday present by my amazing otherhalf LycanEyes :)
Thinking of revamping both our outfits together again in the near future.


This Little Nephilim posted on 14 May, 2012 - 17:13
woop woop luving it <3

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