Afro (Afro Samurai Resurrection final scene) - Afro Samurai


Hopefully Oct Expo with SketchyMcDraw as Kuma

Numta posted on 14 December, 2011 - 16:44
AFRO! it was only a matter of time tbh! you'll look awesome dude!

Sketch McDraw posted on 6 March, 2012 - 02:07
I cant wait to get Kuma done so we can have an epic team Cosplay XD

WarriorTeddy posted on 6 March, 2012 - 14:22
can't wait as well ^^ once May Expo is over I'll begin to tackle this badass mofo!

nanahara posted on 19 September, 2012 - 11:02
looking forward to seeing this ^^

Numta posted on 20 September, 2012 - 10:29
Good idea using Ichigo's Tensa Zangetsu - Afro's blade is abnormally long anyway IMO =P

Sketch McDraw posted on 8 October, 2012 - 23:15
The sword and saya are looking awesome so far dude! Dont foget the 3 gold little rings at the mouth of the saya ;D

WarriorTeddy posted on 9 October, 2012 - 09:56
oops completely forgot that lol. Thanks, will have to sort that out :)

Ros3ify posted on 29 October, 2012 - 14:10
Amazing <3 I was stood behind you in the queue for Neo Photography :) Loved it ^^

nanahara posted on 29 October, 2012 - 18:26
you look EPIC XD

Sketch McDraw posted on 29 October, 2012 - 22:07
Again dude thanks for being my Afro, you rocked it! :D

Candystriped posted on 29 October, 2012 - 22:22
We where pretty much right behind you in the NEO photoshoot! You guys where amazing!

Kinreal posted on 30 October, 2012 - 00:39

WarriorTeddy posted on 30 October, 2012 - 10:52
Thanks guys. It was a lot of fun =] And Kyle - thanks for making my Saturday and congrats again :D

RevolverKitty posted on 3 November, 2012 - 22:37
By far the best Afro Samurai cosplay I've ever seen, you pulled him off so well :D

Kata-san posted on 6 November, 2012 - 01:51
You looked very cool ;) Great stand off between you and Sketch ^_^

Modify Ichigo Bankai sword

Total cost: £0.00

20th September 2012

katana and sheath

I'm using Ichigo's Tensa Zangetsu as the base for Afro's katana. This means it will be abnormally long, which is fine by me :D The sheath I'm making from scratch

16th August 2012

Afro gauntlet

made with foam. to be soaked in glue then painted blood red. You Dig!

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