Gamzee Makara (4Chords) - MS Paint Adventures: Homestuck

In Progress




I decided to put together this cosplay because I wanted to go as regular Troll Gamzee to a cosplay meet but sadly he isn't finished yet. I then realised that I could make a 4Chords Gamzee cosplay out of most of the stuff that I have in my wardrobe.

Bought Items:
Purple T-Shirt - Bought from Primark for £2.50

Already Owned Items:
Black Hoodie - A Saw Hoodie that I got from Thorpe Park ages ago XD
Black Jeans/Skinnies - Bought from New Look I think....
Tattoo Sleeve - Bought from a shop for about £4
Wristband - Bought from a market for about £1.50?


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