Nami (New World Version) - One Piece





A little project for Japan Expo 2012 in Paris. I hadn't any interest in One Piece before I began watching the episodes with my husby. Now If I look back....I CAN'T IMAGINE A WORLD WITHOUT ONE PIECE ANYMORE XDDDDD a hardcore fan is born XD now I don't miss any new episode XD

I will do more Nami in the future that's for sure!! The costume itself wasn't a challenge to make. I alterned a bikini top and added the stripes on it.
Furthermore I felt a bit....nude and exposed top be honest but well...that's nami :D But I wouldn't wear it on a event...but if there is a strong group of mugiwara mates I will think it over!!

My Sanji kept an eye on me everywhere we went XD thank you for that Sanji-kun <3
please show him some love too!



nanahara posted on 4 August, 2012 - 17:45
you look stunning as Nami XD