Blind Mag
Repo! The Genetic Opera

Cosplayer: SilveraDestinova

Variant: Final Performance

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

10th October 2013: Singing in the masquerade! It's official, I'm singing Chromaggia as a performance piece in the Sunday masquerade at MCM! I'm very excited and nervous at the same time =D

Nesproxy avatar

Nesproxy - 5th September 2013
You are so going to rock this cosplay. Can't wait to see it. :)

izzisaysrawr avatar

izzisaysrawr - 9th September 2013
My favourite movie character ever! Cannot wait to see this! :D

Cy-Fi avatar

Cy-Fi - 21st October 2013
Brake a leg and all that, wish I could be there to applaud in person. repo is such a good film and mag is such a good character.

SilveraDestinova avatar

SilveraDestinova - 21st October 2013
Thank you =D x

Nesproxy avatar

Nesproxy - 2nd November 2013
Gutted I missed your performance but I am reliably informed that it went well. :)

ManiacCos avatar

ManiacCos - 11th February 2014
This is gorgeous!

SilveraDestinova avatar

SilveraDestinova - 11th February 2014
Thank you very much =D