Black Widow (2012 Movie) - The Avengers

In Progress




I realise I have the perfect wedge boots to modify already and a load of black lycra left over from Harley and Rogue/Kitty which should be enough to make this. I am pretty sure I also have a zip I can use for the bodysuit. Just need to work on the accessories.

Been asked to join in an Avengers group for sometime in mid to late 2012 so plenty of time. Cut my hair waaay short (over 11 inches off) so it's actually nearly a perfect length now but as I have ages, I can work towards growing it to the right length and colour, though may just get a wig if I have the money for simplicity.

Really excited to make the body suit for all the detail on it and the group is gonna be amazing.


roguearcanis posted on 17 December, 2011 - 16:27
FFFFFFF- OMG <3 Natasha is teh sex. She's on my wishlist as well. You're gonna do an awesome job on her, hun <333