Phineas Flynn - Phineas and Ferb





Phineas was a costume that I've been planning to do since I was 16 (20 now) but never did. When I found out that the show was officially coming to an end on June 12th '15 I was heartbroken, and figured I'd finally get around to making the costume as a final salute.

It means a lot to me, and still does. I mean, how many shows are written entirely off a dad-joke and a catchy song? Only one, man. Only one.


Marisa-Chan posted on 26 February, 2012 - 23:11
YES <3

InfiniteJester posted on 26 April, 2015 - 10:18
Can't wait to see this!

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Progress Journal

20th May 2015


Completed the costume with time to spare on Tuesday night. The pants are resized XL denim jeans from Goodwill and the shoes were a gift from my sister that she got from Wal-mart for less than 6$, that I then painted blue. The Perry was also a gift from someone I don't know anymore that got him for me at a weekend trip to Disneyland three or so summers ago.

Altogether I'd say this is the cheapest costume I own, but not my prettiest, and will definitely be one of my favorites after the weekend. U v U

17th May 2015

The Shirt from Hell

First shirt didn't work out.

Spent about a night sewing this new shirt. At one point, around 3AM in the morning, I was severely lacking the brain cells to keep sewing, but kept on anyway! And I accidentally sewed the shirt closed trying to get on the zipper...Flannel is not a bounce back kind of fabric, let me tell you.

7th May 2015

Shirt Progress

Progress on the shirt is slow going, since I don't have access to an iron 24/7, but it's coming along. I'm not getting too excited about the shirt because I'm not sure how it will turn out. I've never paneled a shirt before, and most of what I make ends up too tight or lopsided or something like that.

I chose an off-white and orange flannel, but the lighting makes it look white.