Eikichi Mishina - Persona 2 Innocent Sin


AyaCon 2013




Ohh, I know I'll never do this. But goddamn I want to ;__; I want to be the Undie Boss! Eikichi is just so damn loveable, that's his trouble. Imagine the fun times one could have with that hair and make up!

This is one of those dreamland cosplays that never happen.


Solaria posted on 8 December, 2011 - 07:52
AHHH im the same with Lisa if we both ever do it wana group up? 8D I love this game xD

Freyarule posted on 17 December, 2011 - 12:37
Eikichi!! I have to play Persona 2 one day, Eikichi looks awesome :D

Zirco posted on 19 December, 2011 - 18:58
yes :) you totaly have to do Michelle

Ino posted on 19 December, 2011 - 21:59
Thanks people! I need the motivation to do this, as I'm the only one who has played P2 in my usual circle of cosplay friends! It's so much more fun in a group! ._.

birds-hate-flying posted on 29 December, 2011 - 21:05
I have no idea who that is, but I know that's a crazy hairstyle. Do it for the hair, find group of other lone characters, take over world? But seriously I want to see how you'd look with the hair.

Solaria posted on 9 March, 2012 - 17:11
Ahhh we should try do this ONE DAY :D

Ino posted on 10 March, 2012 - 00:20
Absolutely! I think I'll start sorting him out after Kita~ :)

Solaria posted on 24 January, 2013 - 20:28

Nesproxy posted on 21 May, 2013 - 07:23
Awesome! Nice to see people showing Persona 2 some love! :)

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