Sena Kashiwazaki (School uniform - anime version) - Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai


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Kitacon IV 2012 - Saturday.
MCM London Expo May 2012 - Saturday (morning, briefly).

I'm probably asking for trouble with this one D=. Sena is hot...I am not. But I love her character and freaking adore her character design (it's the butterfly and big blue eyes X_X). She's a blonde, blue-eyed, big-breasted gamer. I can't not do this one lol, attractiveness be damned!

Will more than likely commission this one (will make the hairclip myself), so it is a possibility for Kita since most of my energy will be going on Sophitia and my Sunday night cosplay. If not...sometime in 2012 :).
Really hope I can pull a younger character off. I'm not getting any younger, so now is the time, right? XD

About Sena:
"The wealthy blonde daughter of the school's headteacher, Sena shows a dislike of all things "ordinary." She is both attractive and academically successful, but her resulting arrogance leads her to be disliked by her female peers. Their admiration eludes her, much as she desires it; she treats her male classmates only as servants to be used, although many of them would like to be her boyfriend. Nonetheless, she holds Kodaka to a higher standard. Kodaka concludes that she is the weirdest member of the club, as she is able to warrant weird and disgusted looks not only from Yozora and Kobato, but also from Yukimura and Rika.
She enjoys playing video games, including dating sims and eroge, partially because they allow her to make female (if virtual) friends. She is generally fascinated by the girls in these games and has also taken a liking to Kobato. Yozora calls her 'Meat', an insulting nickname which she secretly likes because it is the first she has ever received."
(From Wikipedia)

Tsuchinoko posted on 8 December, 2011 - 00:06
I haven't heard of this yet but it looks cute. I like the uniform design and butterfly clip ^^

Quinzel posted on 8 December, 2011 - 00:28
I only recently discovered it. I really love her pink outfit from the game in the second episode...if I feel comfortable in this I think I may have to give that one a go once my skills are a little better :D.

nanahara posted on 8 December, 2011 - 08:02
awomeness ^^. Damn good anime, and you picked a good charaacter that you'll look great as

Solaria posted on 12 February, 2012 - 20:24
Ahhh love this you do meat some justice :D id love to do Yozora sometime *3*

Leonie Heartilly posted on 18 April, 2012 - 02:41
Dat hair clip!

Quinzel posted on 18 April, 2012 - 21:33
...which I clipped on the wrong side XD. Something did feel weird lol. I just fail when it comes to hair-related stuff, apparently.

gaming_goddess posted on 24 September, 2012 - 06:03
You make such a cute Sena! Can't wait for use to do a group :D This uniform is just too adorable not to rewear over and over :P

Butterfly clip

Total cost: £0.00

17th April 2012

Hair clip

No progress pictures for this, sadly, but I did make the clip myself. I couldn't find a piece of plastic the correct colour and didn't want to use card, but I found a notebook with a blue plastic colour that was almost perfect. I drew out the shape off the butterfly and cut it out of the plastic, then painted the white areas on using white fabric paint (it was all I had to hand!) and then drew the black lines on with a Sharpie. I clipped it onto the wig using an alligator clip, which I also coloured black. Simple, yet effective!

20th January 2012


Needs styling, but here it is! Silly me thought the fringe was on the wrong side and combed it over...it was on the right side ¬¬. It's a little thin, but the fibre is great quality. Don't think it's worth buying another to salvage wefts though...Sena's hair isn't massively thick anyway. note to self: stop taking wig pics in my PJs.

11th January 2012


Took up the skirt and the slip and I am currently working on the jacket. The jacket closes with buttons, but Sena's jacket has no buttons. So, I am going to sew up the button holes and add hook and eye clasps (the sewn-up button holes will be hidden) so that it closes correctly. I also removed the gold trim from the shirt collar. You can still see the holes from the thread, but this actually works...Sena's collar has a line on it that I can never be sure of what it is. So this works :).

30th December 2011

Uniform progress

The uniform arrived today. It's great, except there are a few things tat need tweaking (which I expected). I asked them not to include the gold band around the shirt collar, which they did (¬¬), but luckily it can just be unpicked. The shirt and the jacket need taking in; they look quite baggy. The skirt also needs taking up...I have trouble with skirt lengths so I thought it would be better if I gave a longer length than I needed >.<. I was expecting the shirt to be white, like it looked in the photographs, but it's actually an off-white, like Sena's is, which is great :). Will take photos some other time.

11th December 2011

Uniform bought and wig search

Paid for the uniform and sent my measurements...I hope it is as nice as it looks in the photos. It's actually my first time buying an outfit so I hope it works out! >.< Having difficulty with the wig. The Sena-styled wigs that I have found seem a little too white/platinum...her hair does have a bit of a yellow/golden tone to it. May use my own hair and get some longer extensions.

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