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Progress Journal

Progress #6 (Posted 28th January 2012)

Teeth! The middle 4 teeth are cheaper scarecrow brand fangs, but the teeth on either end are more expensive vampire fangs I had made a while back - they were made by a dentist and have a plate that sits on the roof of your mouth to hold them in place. The plate does a good job of holding all the teeth in place snuggly I've found!

Progress #5 (Posted 24th January 2012)

I finished paint/printing the symbols on my troll shirts!

Progress #4 (Posted 24th January 2012)

Pants done

Progress #3 (Posted 24th January 2012)

Baggy pants begun, I bought the largest pair of jogging pants I could find, I figured they would sit the way I thought they should best.

Progress #2 (Posted 24th January 2012)

Horns painted

Progress #1 (Posted 24th January 2012)

I finally loaded my progress pic up from my phone -_-'
Horns made, now for the painting! Horns are made from fimo soft.