River Song (time of angels black dress version) - Doctor Who





plan to wear at Starfury: 11th Hour con in june 2012


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Progress Journal

15th December 2011


took a red permanent marker, and coloured handbag burgundy. Looks ok. Will seal it with clear gloss, so I don't get any of the colour rubbing off on my hands.

(picture taken in bad light - but it was brown)

9th December 2011


Found almost everything I need on ebay:
found an ideal. slightly big - a 14, I'm usually a 10-12 but at least its bigger and not smaller, and I can alter it to fit. need to make the side split and sew the sparkly stuff onto the dress - pic taken from ebay - its not me in the frock

The shoes, no idea how exactly I'm gonna walk in them. they have little straps on them, I'll just remove them. but I'll probably spend the majority of the time with them in my hands, and not on my feet.

Found a curly wig, slightly long, so therefore will need to be cut, and styled. I HATE STYLING WIGS - just incase you didn't know

in a charity shop found a handbag, that could work, however, its the wrong colour, its a beige brown, but vintage in style, somehow I will change the colour to burgundy/wine - how I'm unsure, but I'll give it a go

sonic screwdriver bought.

diary to make