Regene Regetta (Innovade Tunic) - Gundam 00 Season 2




I had attempted this once or twice and got completely fed up of not getting anywhere with him.

So to that end I had to admit defeat! But thankfully the wonderful carri_monatwr came to my rescue and made the entire thing for me.
I commissioned her to make the entire thing because I lacked the resources, skill and determination to make him, that and she is a fantastic seamstress!

I will be wearing Regene for minami in March to along with some friends who will be doing similar Gundam 00 cosplays!

Tanks again to the fantastic carrie_monster for the commission it fits amazingly and you should all look her up because she is awesome!

Reworn at MCM Manchester for judging. FINALLY got around d to getting some fantastic, atmospheric shots whilst I had a free spell!
All credit goes to J.Po.Cosplay for the cracking pics!


Shinigami_ky posted on 27 July, 2015 - 22:02
Fuck me you make an excellent Regene.