Necromorph (Unsure Yet) - Dead Space





I'm currently working on my second fursuit/animal costume in a row and am hoping for my next costume I can change it up a bit.

I've recenlty been watching playthroughs of Dead Space on youtube and I've been thinking about how my latex/moulding skills need improving. WHat a perfect coincidence =P

I origionally thought about doing the Scorpion Necromorph and putting wheels on the underneath of the costume so I could skate around on my belly, but then I wonderd how easy the costume would be to see on stage ^^'

So now I'm stuck between
:- The slasher (normal)
:- The pregnant (fat one that drops babies if you hit it in the belly)
:- The puker (name speaks for itself)

This costume will also be good if I can find a partner who would be willing to be Issac for me


BanjoStrings posted on 7 December, 2011 - 15:01
yes, yes, yes! this would be so awesome if ya pulled it off!