Labtech 622 - Gaia Online




Well this was a last minute thing decided 3 weeks before the event that was what I knew I could achieve in the time. I really enjoy the storyline on and thought it would be nice to do one of the Npc charachters the grunny and G corp tee I already had so it was mainly making the labcoat and vial of unknown liquid which took almost the 3 weeks to set.


Hexi posted on 18 May, 2008 - 14:19
Amazing! *steals your Grunny* i want to cosplay Moira or one of the NPCs. >w< love it!

kimpey posted on 27 July, 2008 - 15:52
need more gaia cosplays

TheEmoEmu posted on 30 September, 2010 - 17:29
So awesome! xD