Poison - Street Fighter X Tekken



Poison - once a man, now a gorgeous ass-kicking woman!

I love Poison. She's simple, and kinda of slutty, but I adore her.

she should be fairly easy to rustle up!

Anime_Angel posted on 2 March, 2012 - 13:58
nice, I hope to see pictures of this one, am hoping to crossplay Poison myself but need to get the shorts and the top lol

Riding Crop

Total cost: £0.00

20th December 2011

Riding Crop

Soooo..... The "Fancy Dress" riding crop I bought must be from some hard-ass halloween store, cos this fucker broke skin with a mid-pressure tap - I think they sent me a real crop. And with that, the likliehood of me getting into cons wielding this thing looks slim...

10th December 2011

Booty Shorts

So, today instead of looking for a pair of denim booty shorts in the middle of december, I just dug up a pair of old jeans that I can't wear anymore since loosing weight, and cut them up as her shorts habng a bit loose on her. Will provide images shortly

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