Lucca - Chrono Trigger





Cosplay was fairly simple to make.

The helmet which I was picked on by a certain someone was made from a old hat/ Craft foam. it wasn't easy it was quite difficult to get it the way I wanted and ended up maken it look bad in the process.

The shirt's were just simple shirt and vest pattern.

The scarf was easy to do as well just cut the fabric lin a bit square and sewed the edges.

The shorts were like biker/ work out shorts.

The bags were made of pleather. I never worked with leather before and didn't wanna try my hands at it yet so I pretty much sewed the bags together.

It was super fun and comfortable to wear so in the end I enjoyed myself .


Numta posted on 4 December, 2011 - 18:46
NO WAY! Lucca is awesome! Top work!