Gwen Cooper - Torchwood




I've always been a HUGE fan of torchwood! I lived in wales for a little bit when i was a child, so naturally this programme has a place in my heart.
I love the main character Gwen, as.... what can i say?! .... she's freaking AWESOME!
Met eve earlier this year for the first time ever when i went to my first convention, she was so lovely and it inspired me to do my first cosplay!


I started by looking for her leather jacket, but been on a strict budget i had to go on ebay and just buy one similar.
I then went out and brought the black skinny jeans and high heeled boots, with buckles! Those two items had to be the most pricey, but i wear them all the time so it didn't bother me so much.
After alot of stalking this site i found out most cosplayers do Gwen with the red top, so i wanted to be different and remembered she did an episode wearing a purple one. Its supposed to be tight fitting like the rest of her costume, but due to been a little self consious i chose to get a slight edit and got a flowing purple top.
I then borrowed a freaking awesome BB gun off my brother and heyho! my first EVER outfit! :D

I wore it to birmingham memorabilia nov 2011, and oh my gosh i made so many friends and had a few people (even a celebrity from an old 1960's film) fangirl the costume!
It felt amazing, and for the first time in a long while i felt part of a community.

So yes, i have more costumes to come! :)



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