Kozi (Itan Shinmon photobook) - Malice Mizer


Costume from Malice Mizer's interview/photo book 'Itan Shinmon'. Get the feeling it was probably used in relation to N.p.s. N.g.s too, owing to the military uniforms some of the others wore! XD

Decided to do this since I need to cosplay Kozi more(!) and thanks to previous cosplays (e.g. Illuminati Doctor!Kozi) and my accumulation of random stuff, I already have most of the bits needed! (Yes, I am being a lazy and tightfisted cosplayer. Haha)

Costume breakdown:
Tie - Primark (£4.00 for set of two so £2)
Shirt - Primark (£3..gotta love Primark's crazy-cheap prices)
Lab coat - £0 (from previous cosplay)
Trousers - £0 (my own; bought for me ages ago!)
Boots - £0 (part of my shoe collection xD Actually £3 from charity shop)
Wig - £0 (from previous cosplays)
Stethescope - £0 (bought from charity shop ages ago just cos it was cool)
Eyepatch - £0 (made from stuff I had lying around)
Latex gloves - £0 (pinched from Dad!)
Makeup - £0 (have it already from past cosplays)
Glasses - £6.50ish (don't remember exact price!)

....I think the above list proves that cosplaying the same person many times and charity shops save money in the long run XD

The tie isn't the right colour, but its the right kind of pattern--its basically the closest I've been able to find (and how typical that I find it in Primark of all places!)
The wig I for this cosplay is, as I said, from a previous one. It's slightly too short but better than the other options I found online!

Wearing it was - in general - comfortable, except for my wig itching like crazy (though I think that was due to the temperature).
Also, I ended up mainly walking around without the eyepatch because it was uncomfortable against my eye!

Anonymous posted on 31 July, 2009 - 13:13
You will make a sexxxxxy doctor kozi ;D you can give me an injection anytime baby! LOL

Sephirayne posted on 18 August, 2009 - 17:07
Loved the make-up. Great job.

Get glasses
Track down white latex gloves

Total cost: £0.00

Action required!

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