Little Sister - Bioshock 2


Tokonatsu 2012


I used a simple alice dress pattern to create it, but used a plain dark purple material as my base, I noted that the actual little sister's have stipes along their material, but I found that in the time I had I really couldn't afford to shop around, so I went around that by stitching on some fine darker stripes onto the front, which seemed to do the trick.

The apron pattern was the most trouble, but not by much, it was a little give and take, but because of the messy nature of the dress I felt very strange being able to have quite a bit of lee-way with it's construction.

The edges of the dress and cuffs are actually burnt, I spent a few hours in the back garden with my lighter and a cold cloth heating the edges and getting them crisp, and using a very watered down black paint I went over it in an upward direction to give that soaked in and grimey sort of appearance.

The apron grime was a mix of everything, paint, tea, food colouring.

BluePanda posted on 1 December, 2011 - 22:31
This looks amazing! :3

Augmented Queen posted on 6 December, 2011 - 00:18
Thank you so much! I put a lot of effort into it and I'm glad you think so~ <3

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