Costume :Zelda
Variant :Wing Ceremony
Source :The Legend of Zelda - Skyward Sword
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Gemucon 2013

Costume Photos

The Sealed Grounds

Looking for the Loftwing

Among the flowers

Meeting Link


The Surface

twirly twirly


Skyloftian maiden

Who... who's that?

What do you mean ALONE time?

Masquerade twirling


Costume Information

Because Devil_Trigger uploaded Link, I felt the need to upload Zelda.

I have loved this design since the artwork was first released so making it will make me very happy!

Even though it's a bit messy, I'm really proud of the wig. Somehow by the power of tiny elastics and sewn up ribbon tubes, the ribbon decals somehow manage to stay put! For a more detailed description of what I did, please don't hesitate to ask ^^
Dress is a thick cotton jersey, with bias binding detail.
Sailcloth and tabard are canvas with the pattern made with felt (blue bias for the edges of the tabard)
Brown belt is pleather, with a milliput clasp. For the 3d effect, I folded over the edges and stuffed them with toy stuffing. Bias binding for the yellow detail. I really like bias binding okay XD
Gold belt is a string of buttons on elastic, with milliput discs for detail.

I'm pretty chuffed with how this has all turned out. It's very comfy to wear, even though the sailcloth is a little restrictive!

Mancester Expo: Having worn this at Manchester, I'm even more happy with it! Everyone had nice things to say, and I was beyond comfy (despite being unable to move my upper arms). Gonna repaint the gold belt and restyle the wig though, as both got a bit mussed up XD

Gemucon 2013: I'll be wearing this again, with the aforementioned fixing :)


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Oooh I think this costume will suit you very well :3

by street-angel on Tuesday, 29 November, 2011 - 21:09
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I'm planning on doing this too :)
I really can't wait to see yours!

by LinkyLex on Tuesday, 29 November, 2011 - 21:10
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Agreed it will definately suit you <3

by Solaria on Tuesday, 29 November, 2011 - 21:11
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Was waiting for this to be added once I added Link xP but you will be such an awesome Zelly <3 you can expect many hugs from me c:

by Devil_Trigger on Tuesday, 29 November, 2011 - 21:12
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Acedncehfvbfea! You are going to look super adorable in this cosplay! <3 ;__;
We still need to cosplay Toon Link and Zelda together sometime too! So many plans we have! xD

by KiraraYumi on Tuesday, 29 November, 2011 - 22:42
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Thank you everyone, I'm so excited to make this (though I must wait until I have finished my other cosplays XD)


by TheStarlightFairy on Tuesday, 29 November, 2011 - 22:45
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Ahhh I have been waiting for you to do another Zelda variant for aaaaaaages 8D

by Mungojerrie on Wednesday, 30 November, 2011 - 12:11
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It's going to be awesome :D

by Cattrocious on Tuesday, 6 December, 2011 - 19:12
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Wona do a skyward sword group for May MCM?? I'm thinking of going for a day and could bring my Fi??? x

by Siouxsie James on Thursday, 2 February, 2012 - 12:47
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There is going to be a Skyward Sword group at May, but what with exams and coursework I may not be able to finish in time XD

by TheStarlightFairy on Sunday, 5 February, 2012 - 21:27
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Yeh fair enough hun, let me know if you do-if not then we'll do it another time. Maybe force the society to have a cosplay event as an excuse ;)

by Siouxsie James on Sunday, 5 February, 2012 - 21:49
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That wig and ears look so awesome! you pull it off so well c:

by Devil_Trigger on Wednesday, 18 April, 2012 - 20:17
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this is gunna be so cute!!!

by Einmyria on Monday, 14 May, 2012 - 23:49
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This costume suits you sooo much, and I am astounded with your patience with handsewing! ily <3

by Relion on Monday, 23 July, 2012 - 19:04
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this is absolutely stunning and perfect - i love it so much. perfection <3 well done!!

by Plasticsharkattack on Sunday, 29 July, 2012 - 20:35
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Thank you everyone ^^

by TheStarlightFairy on Sunday, 29 July, 2012 - 20:46
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This looks great and suits you so well C:

by Siouxsie James on Monday, 30 July, 2012 - 08:13
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Why have I never commented on this? This is such an amazing costume and you look so cute! Amazing costume Lou <3

by MadameLapin on Wednesday, 20 February, 2013 - 23:52
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by Captain_Marvelous on Thursday, 21 February, 2013 - 00:58
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Aww you make a cute Zelda :3 loving your shaping of the dress!

by Chibi on Tuesday, 5 March, 2013 - 21:49
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Ahh the photos turned out so nice and this cosplay is really pretty! :3

by MoonLily on Friday, 12 April, 2013 - 19:24
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Oh my gosh those new photos are just gorgeous!! Your little captions made me chuckle :P

by CrystalNeko on Friday, 12 April, 2013 - 20:15
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Lovely costume and picture :)

by Siouxsie James on Saturday, 13 April, 2013 - 11:19

To-Do List

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Almost done (Posted 15th July 2012)

Belts have been painted and varnished, and patterns have been painted onto the bracelets.
Will be styling the wig either tomorrow or wednesday! I need to buy some mini elastics as I think the kitten has eaten the few I had left

Progress (Posted 28th May 2012)

Ploughing through all the detail on the dress.
Brown belt pretty much done, just need to paint the clasp

Thought I would put up a picture of what I'd done. I did try to take a picture of it all on, but the lack of a full length mirror put an end to that plan

Base dress and brown belt pretty much done (Posted 21st May 2012)

Have sewed and hemmed the base dress, ready to add all the details
The brown belt is almost done, just need to paint the buckle.

Progress (Posted 19th May 2012)

Have pretty much everything underway now. All I have left to buy is all of the yellow-gold bias binding and some pink and teal ribbons for my hair. Oh and a big blue gem for the dress.

I'm really happy with it so far, despite my hands being inordinately sore from the leather for the belt and tassle.

Sailcloth (Posted 14th May 2012)

The sailcloth is almost finished, though I need to put the Skyloft symbol on it :) It's made from canvas.
Pics of me with it on, and when it's laid out flat. I made it so it would look somewhat like a functioning sailcloth when it's not being worn.

So it begins! (Posted 18th April 2012)

Bought some blue canvas for the tabard thingy today, along with some blue biad binding.
Also cut the bangs into my wig, so I'm ready to do the styling at a later date. Wearing mah ears in the picture

Wig (Posted 30th March 2012)

It arrived the other day but I was away.
It's a bit lighter than I expected but it'll work just fine for this and for a fair number of other Zelda variants!
Pics once I've cut it/got mum to help