Bonta-kun - Full Metal Panic Fumoffu




Bonta-kun is my first full fur suit. The fur used is "kangaroo plush" aparrently, but it works for Bontas too!. It's very high quality deep plush, and I did spend a a while just making hand prints in it. The major problem is that there is no stretch in it at all, which is fine for the bodym, but made the mask quite hard.

The body of the suit is a very simple shape, largly an extended t-shirt.It didn't quite get hang right to begin with, so I put a thin summer duvet inbetween the fur and the lining. It looked much better, but was much hotter :) The circles were made with fabric marker, adn the bow was made from a scrap of red satin stuffed with pillow stuffing. There are two circles of card covered in white leatherette that slot inside the sleeves to hide the wearer's hands.

The mask is made of camping mat and foam, to make the frame, and then covered in fur. The ears are made from circles of high denisty foam with the edge covered in pipe lagging. The nose is a foam tenis ball cut in half and covered in fur. Bonta's hat is made from my mixing bowl, covered in paper mache to build up the right shape and then covered in felt. The yellow ribbon wasn't put on terribly well.

The feet are one of my proudest achievements. They built up on a piar of joe's slippers. The bottoms are leatherette, and the rest is made from for, stuffed to the right shape. There's about one pillow in each of them.


Captain_Marvelous posted on 8 February, 2009 - 12:21
FUMO FUMO FUMO!!! this looks cool :)

hanagata posted on 12 February, 2009 - 20:05
Interesting, I didn't know about this Gonta parody :O