Sabi Hakuhei

Cosplayer: KuroStylr

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

11th March 2012: Wig times! So initially I wanted to incorporate wadding into the wig itself to emulate the cloud like feel his hair has. But after watching the episodes running up to their meeting with Sabi, I learnt that his hair is in fact so matted and unkempt that the cloud like element to it is to represent this.
So what i've done for now is bought 2 white wigs (one 48" and one slightly below neckline in length) sewn them together to form a high ponytail and then dyed the end of the longer wig.
Using rubbing alcohol mixed with drawing ink, i used a spray bottle to apply the ink so which gave a lovely gradient effect to the dirty colouration.
The fact that in the course of my styling and making of this cosplay the longer wig has become a bit matted and tangled (despite how careful i've been) has actually worked in my favour!
So the only thing to do now is currently add the red highlights to his bangs at the front, wash the back of the wig once it's dry and add the hair ornament.
After that it's the rest of the ornaments and he's done!

28th February 2012: milestone! Fabric sections complete! Tomorrow will be ornament making and then wig fun!

26th February 2012: Nearly there! So update time! The bulk of what needs to be worn is complete. The last few things required will be to pop the 2 belts through the machine and attach snap fasteners and velcro. Then it's onto ornament making.
Not entirely sure how I want to do this. There are four in total- one on his foot, one on his belt, one around his neck and the last on his ponytail. Initially I was stumped but then the ever wonderful craft foam came to my rescue given how flexible it is. My only problem? every reference image I can find doesn't give an accurate or FULL presentation of his ornaments. I've located one that I think will work, so with the universe on my side (please!) i'll scale it up on the printer, use it as a template then transfer it to craft foam. I'm thinking for now that the neck and foot pieces can just be reinforced using the ever popular glue, spray, glue method.
For now I just need to find some thicker foam then the stuff you get in say the works etc, if in doubt I think a camping matt should suffice!
Images to follow of a fully dressed piece and ornaments!

20th February 2012: Progress update So thus far things have been going relatively smoothly, that said my wig has arrived and I have yet to attempt the hair, leg and collar ornaments. Since taking the progress shot I've had to un-pick the lycra sleeve to tidy it up. Also in order to secure the sleeve piece I'll be piping the edge and using Tue excess cord as a tie to make sure the sleeve stays put. Other then that the leggings, belts and wig are what's left on my list.

As a side note I'm unsure as whether to attempt hakuto hari given I don't own a jigsaw to cut the perspex I was going to order. If in doubt I'll just have to rock up with a parasol. That's all for now. Expect wig rage in the forth coming weeks!

14th February 2012: Quick Update Cut the swathe out last night not long after updating my journal! So far the skirt has been sewn as has the yukata top. To top that i've overlocked the seams on the yukata and will do the same for the skirt when I have been out ot gather more reels of thread.
For now the remaining fabric pieces that need doing are the belts, the lycra sections and attaching 2 snap fasteners to the waistband so it actually stays on my waist instead of falling down around my arse like is has been!
Much progress has been made!

12th February 2012: Update First and foremost i've scratched the wig. I caved and bought a 48" white one that i can style and add wadding to. I figure instead of trying to blindly make a wig it'd be easier to integrate wadding throughout the wig itself with a a large portion of it culminating at the base of the ponytail. Then I can fancy it up with streaks and whatnot later.
For now today has been a pretty busy one. I'm on course currently for getting Sabi's fabric elements ready for the end of february. The Kimono top has been cut as has his base. Looking at the reference images there is no discernible neckline down the base of his clothing so I've opted for a large circle skirt which i'll have an elasticated waistband inserted into, to hold up. The kimono will tuck into that and the belt will sit on top to hide the detail.
This seemed to be the easiest method to constructing Sabi as a hole.
His leggings and sleeve are all cut out too, which leaves me with his large light blue swathe which sits upon the waistline under the second belt and then the actual belt itself. Neither of these should be difficult to do.
The only forceable issue I may encounter will be the triangular breast piece. The problem here will be making sure it doesn't curl at the edges. So in an attempt to stop this i'm more then likely going to pop in a strip of iron on interfacing to combat this. If not then it'll be backed with stronger fabric at the base, inverted then held on with bondaweb.
Options abound for a simplistic looking but in reality quite complex cosplay!

3rd February 2012: Wig fun! In order to push myself this year i've set myself a few tasks cosplay wise. The first is wig work. Sabi will prove to be quite a challenge in that respect, in so far as that he hasn't so much got hair but a cloud stuck to his noggin!

To that end i'm using a dense wadding I managed to procure from work (left of 'snow' from our Christmas windows) and will be working with it to produce that cloud effect.
So to start with i've butchered an old wig of mine and cut off all the hair! All that is left is a very odd looking cap that needs tidying up before I can clean the wadding of snow flakes, and figure some way of attaching it.

Stay tuned for more wig fun times!

Minxie avatar

Minxie - 28th February 2012
Looking good thar!

Manticore Arts avatar

Manticore Arts - 29th February 2012
Looking good indeed!

nanahara avatar

nanahara - 29th February 2012
progress is looking good

sarmander avatar

sarmander - 1st March 2012
Wow, looks like you're doing a lovely job with this! Very professional looking and neat~ ^_^ Also...DAT HAIR. Cannot wait to see your wig, dude~

Natsumi avatar

Natsumi - 11th March 2012
Wig looks fab :D Cant wait to see it altogether!

madmazda86 avatar

madmazda86 - 17th June 2012
Pretty pictures belie how much you suffered while wearing this XD Looks brill!

Speckles avatar

Speckles - 19th July 2012
Awesome! Never seen this guy cosplayed before :) Nice job

KuroStylr avatar

KuroStylr - 20th July 2012
Thank you!