The Brother - Nier Replicant





Fell in love with this game and its characters. Although i have only played the Xbox version which is only called: Nier. And has a differnt main character whos called 'the father', the plots are pretty much the same just different main character and instead of a man trying to save his daughter its a teen trying to save his sister. only minor differences other then that.

PuppyKitten14 will be my Kaine :D


Puppykitten14 posted on 27 November, 2011 - 20:50
Cant wait for this!! <3

DarkKasai posted on 27 November, 2011 - 23:11
This will take me ages

Puppykitten14 posted on 28 November, 2011 - 00:30
i will help you :3

DarkKasai posted on 29 November, 2011 - 00:43
I no. and i will be very graetful