Yuki Cross (Injured (with Artemis staff) (Summer uniform)) - Vampire Knight




Brown wig, Short sleved (fitted) white shirt, Red ribbon (For tie), fake blood, banages, black pleat skirt, over-knee black socks, ankle length brown boots, Artemis staff (PVC halloween staff screwed together and spray painted silver).

Blood will be used on my neck (Like bite marks) and put on a banage tied around my hand (Like when Aidou bit Yuki in the anime).

Staff is plastic and full length but can be taken apart.

I chose Yuki because VK was one of the first Animes I watched and this being my first cosplay, it seemed like an easy and fun choice. I chose to do this perticular variation because Kitacon starts Friday 13th and If the horror ect cosplayers didn't have some creativity for their cosplays on that day it would just be... eh.

NOTE: I finally gave up trying to find an okay shirt for this so I've changed Yuki a bit and made it more closet-cosplay-ish. When I use her again... I'll have more time/money... I hope.


cowiee posted on 19 April, 2012 - 20:51
Looks good! (:

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