Lightning Farron - Final Fantasy XIII-2


Ayacon 2011


When i first saw this costume back in about February i knew i wanted to make it. However i really struggled to find pictures of the costume to use as references. Even when i started to create it in June, there were still very few full pics out there and believe me when i say i have every frame from those first few game trailers to try and ensure i have it from every side lol.

I didn't make the sword due to distinct lack of pics at the time, but i would love to make it to rewear the costume in the future.

Looking at the costume, there's a few bits here and there that aren't quite accurate, but time sort of ran away so some little parts had to be sacrificed. I mean i was still gluing it together the friday night in my con room lol.

While it was a pain to wear, i was so happy it lasted the weekend. And so, so, so grateful to charlotte who cosplayed Serah on the Saturday and was awesome in sticking me back together when parts looked like they might fall off :)

KawaiiKira posted on 26 November, 2011 - 22:31
Beautiful Lightning! ^^

Numta posted on 27 November, 2011 - 14:35
Amazing Lightning! Epic work!

Viola posted on 23 August, 2012 - 16:01
Nice job (:

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