Chidori Kaname (Winter Uniform) - Full Metal Panic Fummoffu




I made this costume before a couple of things clicked in my head, so it's second on my list to remake. The skirt came out fine, but the jacket doesn't quite fit right and isn't lined properly.

The jacket and skirt are both made from polycotton, so the costume was fairly cheap to make. The most expensive part of whole ourfit is the wig.

The jacket was patterned on a loose t-shirt, and then adjusted to fit once the basic shape was in place. It has two layers of lining material, as white polycotton is very translucent! The buttons I found in a sewing shop in Bristol, and all the buttonholes were done by hand because I didn't realise my machine could do them :( I'd never done cuffs before, but I think they came out pretty well.

The skirt was made of a single piece of polycotton and is very very light! I barely felt like I was wearing anything below by waist. There are two panels. I put the pleats in and ironed them, and they're held in by the waistband, not any further down.

The shoes were a cheap pair of white trainers painted strawberry pink with acryic paint and a bit of pva glue to help stop cracking. The socks came from China (they were a Christmas present, rather than for cosplay.)

The wig isn't quite right, I feel. It's not quite long enoungh, and is a bit unruly. I probably need to stick the ribbon in, as it kept falling out.


HotshotShan posted on 9 June, 2009 - 23:25
Ah it's Kaname! She's fantastic, you look good as her, you certainly have her spirit and it's such a cute costume, nice work.